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Monday, November 15, 2004

Yes, Im still alive- sorta. Don’t feel like it these days- the only thing I really seem to *feel* is the beat of loud heavy metal music pounding into my headphones….everything else is kinda a blur these days cause nothing seems to matter in the big (or little) picture. Fun? Moderately. I guess. Though that tends to relate only to spinning and knitting (and ebay).

Speaking of ebay, Ill be listing some more yarns- bulky and super bulky in a day or so, and will be opening a store as well (though that may take a bit longer…since I don’t have time to set one up right now.)

I’m finishing up a couple custom knit orders, and might start looking to do some consignment in the very near future.

So yea btwn selling and debate Im not really here mentally.

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