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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

This week is “winter collection” yarns for me on ebay. These yarns are all perfect for cold weather and knit up quickly. (and hehe I would have kept them all for myself….but…) Mohair, angora, alpaca, and merino add warmth, shine, and softness to most of these yarns (not to mention texture in the case of the angora!) Variegated colors and funky textures make these yarns perfect for scarves, hats, mittens, and more...perfect as a gift…or for yourself! (me if I was able to knit right now). The coolest one is spun from strips of recycled silk strips plied with thick and thin merino. It has cool eyelashes and tons of texture.

(sorry you will have to go over to ebay to see pics since im too lazy to convert them into jpeg files atm). And yes I did happenin to be listing stuff on ebay (and spinning( w o doing my hw.

What ive been up to the last week (or is it 2?):
Thanksgiving on my mom’s side of the family: really *not* interesting. Though I did teach (or rather emind) my cousin of how to knit- this seems to be a trend. Everywhere I go I seem to teach people how to knit (in the last week anyways). And while we are on the subject of knitting, check out: http://www.madewithlovebyaliberal.info/. This has the potential to be an awesome charity once it gets into full swing.
Thanksgiving- dad’s side. My aunt told my grandma that I was married. Multiple times *grandma has alz*. Quite hilarious. I started a pair of faireisle mittens there, and am done w one, 1/3 done with the other.

WIP atm:
Gloves for ka (she saw them. Claimed them. ) They are in a pansy colred white/green/purple/red/etc colord sock weight handspun yarn. I strted them while at a basketball game on Sunday.
Scarf- orig for ka. Now for ??- cabled. Totallyl cool. But in acrylic, (shiny ply in it…white…umm yea)
Couple other pairs of gloves
Repair brbs gloves from her bday- the thumb of one got got on something easy to fix (so y don’t i? ill get to that in a sec).

The fun part w wip is that they are going to be wip for awhile- not bc I am unfaithful to them (as in evidenced by my laundry basket full of yarn…), but bc im not allowed to knit. For 2 weeks. I sat in class today, and I could not focus. At all. Turns out (ala a fun tripto the docs yesterday) that I have to have blood draws to make sure I don’t have r arthr. And that I DO have carpel tunnel and tendonitis (not caused by knitting but im not supposed to move my wrists at all). So , massive doses of antiinflamitory meds and wrist splints make life fun. And the wrist splints are for MONTHS. At least my fingers wont go numb I guess. *grumbles*

So yea. And now back to spinning. Or making chainmaile. Since I haven’t been banned from those.

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