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Monday, October 04, 2004

So i never had heard back from rc, so yea these yars are either up for trade or i will be selling some of these on ebay. (im midnightskyfibers and hopefully ill be listing some things in the very near future...i just fig out my paypal account so now im using this instead of my my dad's :))

Ok so here are the yardage/content/wpi/etc of the fibers that i have pics of up right now :) lol but you have to match them up yourselves...ok so this is ordered by:# available, name, content, wpi, yards, weight (ounces), ply, description:

1 Pink Funky Fringe
Wool, recycled Silk Bulky 78 2.1 single This yarn is a medium pink textured yarn spun with strips of silk that produce a funky eyelash effect. Thick and thin with over-twisted portions that will produce a wonderful purse, scarf, hat, or whatever you can imagine!
1 Sea Monster I
wool and Superwash wool 15; Sport 197 2 single Shredded superwash wool in bright colors including orange, blue, red, and purple that hs been blended with a bright green wool.
1 Dessert watermelon
wool, mohair 14, sport 140 1.5 single Very fuzzy due to the bright yellow mohair, this pink and black yarn has a slightly sandy appearance.
1 Bulky Sea
Columbian Wool Bulky 202 2.25 thick and thin single Going from uber thick to lace weight thin, Bulky Sea is in light, ocean turquoise and purple. When thick and thin yarn is knit up on large needles, is produces a bumpy surface.
1 Poodle
wool, cotton, rommey, nylon sparkle 11; worsted 67 0.5 single Poodle is a highly textured yarn that will produce a slightly bumpy black and white piece with a bit of shine because of the nylon sparkle!
1 Black Pearl
Wool, nylon sparkle, firestar, mohair, cotton, beads sock 82 1.8 corespun Black wool, yellow mohair, nylon sparkle, and golden firestar are corespun onto a variegated white and blue core strung with beads in blue, black, and giant pearls.
1 Pink Flash
cotton, wool, firestar, mohair sock 134 1.7 corespun Hot pink core surrounded by black wool, bright yellow firestar, and mohair produce a lovely shiny yarn.
1 Poodle II
wool, firestar, mohair, nylon, etc worsted 64 0.5 single Black wool with bits of golden yellow mohair and pale magenta blended to produce a glittery yarn.
1 Corespun Warms
wool, cotton sport 87 1 corespun Bright red, orange, and yellow wool spun around a thin white core to add strength and make the yarn look like a 2-ply. Should knit up to be a semi-stripped yarn.
1 yellow/pink single
100% wool 17; sock/lace 60 0.25 single Highly textured bright pink, orange, and yellow overtwisted single. still has twist for texture
1 blue/purple single
100% single 17 sock/lace 89 0.5 single Bright Blue yarn with royal purple and a touch of turquise that is overspun and slightly thick and thin. still has twist for texture
1 Seabed
wool, firestar, merino, etc worsted 162 2 single Green and turquoise wool has been blended with magenta wool, purple merino, and yellow firestar. Looks a bit like the yarns spun from saris.
1 Seaweed
wool, firestar worsted 150 1.8 single Apple green and turquise wool blended with a large amount of sparkely yellow firestar.
1 pink gooblygook
wool, cotton, nylon, mohair sport 110 1 corespun Apple green, sky blue, baby pink, and royal purple wool mixed with yellow mohair and sparkly nylon all spun around a variegated pink and white cotton core.
1 white gooblygook
wool, cotton, nylon, mohair sport 102 1 coresupn Apple green, sky blue, baby pink, and royal purple wool mixed with yellow mohair and sparkly nylon all spun around a white cotton core.
3 Pumpkin
wool 16;sock 100 1 single Dusty orange, magenta, black, feltable
3 Pumpkin Sunrise
wool 13, sport 100 1 single Bright orange, pale pink, and a touch of yellow dyed to produce a yarn with short segments of color.
2 Pink Sunrise
wool 14;sport 100 1.2 single Pink with a touch of yellow. Wool is shiny and fuzzy.
5 Triple Berry
wool 16;sock 50 0.25 single A very pale turquise and light purple were added to a crockpot containing the yarn to produce a dusty, berry-and-vine appearance.
4 SeaBerries
wool 15;sock 100 0.25 single Dark turquise and a dark royal purple produce a stripped/spotted effect.

Have fun reading through all that! (and glccafar i wont list anythign to ebay till you make your picks for trades and what not :) hehe)

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