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Thursday, October 14, 2004

It seems like life has been overly busy of late. I've been sick and haven't slept more than a couple hours a night in the last week, so im having a really hard time concentrating on anything at school (especially physics).

speaking of school...
All my hw is always due on....Friday....so today is always really busy. And im in too much pain (b/c of mt wrists) to spin, which is what i do when I'm at home (and knit at school). I've been busy writing my college essay (or rather avoiding it, I HATE anythign that involves "polished" writing!), doing massive amounts of euro and physics homework, and teaching debate nonstop!

Debate will be interesting this year since there will bo NO ONE next year to teach ppl, past the junior debaters im teaching this year, who really know nothing. that being said, it looks like i will not be debating much, if at all this year bc i feel i have an obligation to teach/prepare them for this year and the next- which is not helped by their inability to focus. debate has always been a family informal affair at my school- you do the work when you have time, prep yourself out, etc. But that assumed that the people actually KNEW what was going on! It is going to be a LONG year. *sighs*

crafts of the day:
I sent off a couple of trades (yarn related as usual!) to some awesome people yesterday, and i got to learn how to use an airbrush...which is the devil incarnate of things that involve paint....though i did get to paint my arm bright green and pink. I havent been doing much knitting, since i keep forgetting to grab yarn on my way out the door in the morning! how sad :(

At school, my teacher (who is somewhat conservative) is hanging up my picture at school. She's putting it somewhere the principal/admin people will be sure to see it O.o and im pretty sure she gets how...dangerous....that could be seeing as how it has a GIANT SHACKLE ON IT, chains, and the quote, "When the masochist says, "whip me" the sadist says, "no". Now, thats a vanilla phrase by itself...but with the shackle and chains, not to mention the coloring etc of the painting....im not sure its the best thing [the principal] should be seeing. Ill refrain from making comments on what i think of the principal, only bc i know T respects him highly, and knew high back in C, but still.

yea yea im done.

and the juniors are running genocide. and the novi want me to teach them! ummm no, they need to leatn to read first.

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