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Saturday, September 25, 2004

A bunch of pics of yarn that has been recently or not so recently spun. they are suposed to be for sale @ rc. but i havent heard back from d, so maybe they arent, lol. i need to updaet my link sidebar sometime- its hideaous, dont you think. too bad im lazy...


sea weed

sea bed

sea monster

sea berry

pumpkin 2

poodle 2



pink flash

gg2 (white


desert watermelon

corespun warms

bulky sea

blue single

black pearl

warms single

Thursday, September 23, 2004


I finfished the angora/alapaca etc gloves, and unbiased (the bag from knitty). I started a pair of legwarmers on size five dpns. Ive also been making some reord barcelets, and a record bowl- which i find makes an excellent display for yarn, lol, which seems to be piling up in the corners...

other cool stuff ...ok so not really since ive been sick so i havent realyl accomplished much between school and being kinda "hazy". *yawns*

Sunday, September 19, 2004

this is how i spend my eng class- its actually for an art assingment. but yea.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

The new knitty is out! actually, I'm kinda disappointed cause i was hoping for better sweater patterns that were a bit...younger...(ok ok i know i still haave to finish the ssweater i have on my 10 1/2 circs....but....) There are, fortuently, a few patterns I do want to make, which include:

Clapotis- mindless stuff for school. Plus, I need to start xmas presents, and I really need to get away from making socks for awhile, as fun as it is :)

UnbaisedI think this is a great idea for a bag- if i can bring myself to sacrafice the silk i had planned for a scarf....hmm might have to spin some instead, o darn!

I also like Blaze, but I already have stuff going on almost all my circs, and xmas stuff etc etc gets priority, and that darn sweater i need to finish (along with a basket full of stuff that *just* need the ends woven in!)

I havent really been around much cause i've been setting up some of my spinning stuff for sale (which i would have done if my wireless hadnt died while i was sending the file!). Between that I my camera absolutely refusing to take pictures that at a resembled what they were supposed to be...I had fun today. BUT I did go to the festival at RH today. I wasnt very impressed with the booths, normal stuff Ive seen before at the market or sales before...but it was an excuse to get coffee and bubble tea (yum, i love bubble tea, which is one of the few *chewy* things i can have since its made with tapioca, not gelatin)... I think I've had about the equivalent of 12 shots espresso today, so Im actually quite...sane...atm. which is what kept my from throwing the camera at something!

School hasnt proved to be helpful to the being bored out of my mind part of my life- Ive already knit a scarf, a pair of socks, a bunch of wrist warmers, and more, jsut at school (home remember being a spinning and cross stitch place atm)...

...and i fail at trying to avoid sewing. so sad.

Off to spinn some silk...right after i cut some (more) shirts to shreds....my art teacher though i was crazy when I started cutting apart a shirt for my background (primsa colors work really well on them, and are really fun to do too)...and now shes doing it too! hehe. corruption all around. always a good thing.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Like little kids drawings? well, this would be how i draw maps wehre im only doing the stuff i need to know (and its not all there...there are all the mountains and a couple seas missing....umm yea....)....gotta love cirlces

Sunday, September 05, 2004

ussually i make my rolags a *bit* neater (as in they are actually rolled, look a lot liek a joint). this is the beginign of the cool yarn that is blended with silk....about 1 ounce wool to a random amount of shredded/cut silk. ill dye it when im done spinning it

materials include everything from angora, silk, viscose, firestar, etc right up to 100% plain old boring wool (like the 4 that are a similar color or prpl/gray/tealthat actually looks semi decent. most/all of these are for sale in the near future(i hope). stuff i spun on the boat were for a stuffed bear (completed- im wrking on the pattern atm), gloves, and socks (duh!) as well as the soysilk plied with wool wich with become a mobius scarf, right up until i decided rather or not to dye it...and since i really dont feel like talking about life (like usual, not do i feel its a good idea atm), ill leave u with that.

these are both some of what ive spun in the last 2 weeks - not including what i spun on the boat (well a couple are)

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