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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

There's always some sort of disagreement between me and my mom when it comes to my hair....mostly, her caring, and me, well, not. i'd jsut shave my head occasionally and be down with it, while she wants my hair LONG. and i dont mean long like my hair is now (cause its not). I mean halfway down my back long. like that is ever going to happen again. the middle ground (cept its getting shorter) will hopefully be a mor epixie length hair...

Its funnny. both me and my bro are obsessed with food, but in entirley seperate ways. He's currently trying to build up muscles (peer pressure, anyone? not that im complaining that amuscles on guys/girls are bad, mind you, i just htink its hillarious)....and then theres's me...my mom keeps railing on me for my "morals" of what i choose to eat.*

i spent yesterday dying roivng bright colors...again. actually, most of it is more muted bc im usung crock pot (read: hot pour. a lot of what im doing also seems so have large amounts of green, prpbably bc ive been working with blues and purple so much lately.

* good thing she doesnt rail on me for my other morals, :) she just assumes that i have a conservative mind for everything not involving for or politics...
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