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Sunday, August 22, 2004

(stolen from Phaedra28 over at KR forums) this seems to fit the mood for me today:
Das war ein Vorspiel nur. Dort wo man B├╝cher
Verbrennt, verbrennt man auch am Ende Menschen.
--Heinrich Heine 1820
which they says means:
That was just a prelude. Where they burn books, in the end they also burn men.

i think of this cause my dad is insistent on voting for bush. ughh.

back to reading for school and spinning (mmm i need more sock yarn for school): on the wheel atm is yarn for a teddy bear (knit)- which will require me to make a pattern for it. also am going to spin up yarn for a mobius scarf. a m scarf is a scarf that is neverending. liternally, because the two side intesect/connect with each other with a twist (which is why when you cast on for socks of a hat they tell you to make sure ur stitches arent twisted! u might end up with a mobius scarf). mobius scarves tend to be referred to as semi historical, but they can also be mathmatical. this site is quite entertaining, as are the links at the bottom (and yes, i know i hate math, yet when its combined with knitting and/or spinning its diff, i swear :))

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