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Monday, August 23, 2004

i finally get to go to a "real" town tomorrow (N, which is pretty big compared to whats up here mostly). and it has a yarn store.

and its not just any yarn store, its where i first got hooked on socks! since last year, ive made almost 2 dozen (!!!) pairs. coolness.

i started the pattern for the bear and knit most of it (minus arms and some parts of ears). i think it will look pretty good, but im not going to do anymore until i have stuffing. weaving in the ends is going to be hell.

plotting patterns for the mobius while starting to knit my second dragon scale sock. and im stuck on the sss (second sock syndrom). im not bored, its a cool pattern...i just dont want to knit it (which is rare, i ussually dont have a prob finising the second sock....its the weaving in of ends....i think i have three pairs done and all they need is the ends woven in!) i think the yarn being acrylic (its the only BRIGHT NEON GREEN i could find for it b4 i left!) doesnt help, since its a bit scratchy....and, well...its acrylic. besides, the soy silk im spinning up is much more fun, and i think it would be sweet plied with some wool for socks. (both white then dye maybe...)

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