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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

im at utnif now, quite amusing. since im tired, ill leave it short.
plane ride= long long long. and i had to connect. but on the second flight the person next to was doing Xstitch so we had a discussion about fiber arts.
her= way too hot, food is aweful, rooms marginal at best.
rommmate- nice. thankgoodness. ive had some....interestingly annoying ones.
at least i have good music here.
and im in the K aff. again. woohoo. (and i didnt mean that sarcastically)
i also managed to bring TWO drawers worth of yarn/craft stuff to keep me occupied.
i might make
somethinng from here
LL. and do plz note if ur NOT a knitter or dont know about knitty (or arent 18 etc etc) that there is a reason itg has the warning atm. plz heed it if ur not feeling mature :)

wanders off to do research....right after she does some more knitting and reading, of course!

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