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Thursday, July 01, 2004

I think i had the best latte ive ever had (i of course attribute it to being organic and well frothed!)
...and that goes for falafel too- i was at an excellent vegetarian cafe w my mom today. she actually liked the food, despsite a lack of meat, and was telling her friend on the phone ( i wasnt in oticable earshot so she wasnt jsut saying it to suck up) how much she enjoyed the food. *sighs* i wish M had cool coffee shops and cafes. we just have chain restaurants (minus a thai place ive been going to for 14 years- yes, longer than my bro is old!) we also took a trip to a yarn shop (ASYS. I got (woohoo long list- my repayment for comp wrk for my mom at RH)- some merino roving (3 ounces) a pound domestic back roving ( i see black with white dyed to jewel tones in my future!), some stuff for a scarf ( my mom got osme too- ill find the name later when im not so tired. my mom also got some cotton for another dishcloth- she can never sit still to make something big, lol), lilac lornas laces sock yarn (and it wa on sale too boot- yay!), and some reynolds (cabana?) in ine to make a poncho, from a pattern i also got. so, i could make up the pattern myself, but this is easier :) and more mindless (good for when i cant spin and want to watch tv and/or am expected to talk to ppl)
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