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Sunday, July 18, 2004


Im not as impressed by the lectures, they are boring/tedius and are not things that im interested in- ie i already know enough about cp, and i certainly dont need to be told that da's= best shit ever.   the k theory lab is the only semi (and marginal at best at that) lecture that was good.  but they used kuluynch cards and christian as exps, and ppl didnt know those authors *shrug*.  in lab there are some cool people, and we have interesting disussions (we're working! i swear!.  the food is AWEFUL- which im sure ive already said.  it's worse than UWW @ WI (WAS), so i spend a lot of time (and $$, but i need to eat, and they can rarely tell me that i can actually eat the food) at VH, a vegan restaurant. yum. i make sure to call my mom once a day to tell her i dont like the food and complain bout how hot it is.


Im almost done with the sweater, its just too bulky to carry around with me very often. Ive started the SSKA sock- its cool cables.  im starting to think that i didnt bring enough yarn w me.  and my fingers are constantly going numb (which knitting helps), and the lab leaders dont seem to comprehend (like my teachers) that thats the only way pretty much that i can keep my fingers and wrist from being very very painful.

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