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Friday, July 30, 2004

ill post more once i am home from camp....

Which flock do you follow?

this quiz was made by alanna

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

seechose neg labs todaym ill fig out what mine is later tonight, sat through a lecture on bp for hours, but it was better than the theory pods. i thikn our aff will be pretty cool
also almsot done wih the Lorna's Laces socks in  lilac

Sunday, July 18, 2004


Im not as impressed by the lectures, they are boring/tedius and are not things that im interested in- ie i already know enough about cp, and i certainly dont need to be told that da's= best shit ever.   the k theory lab is the only semi (and marginal at best at that) lecture that was good.  but they used kuluynch cards and christian as exps, and ppl didnt know those authors *shrug*.  in lab there are some cool people, and we have interesting disussions (we're working! i swear!.  the food is AWEFUL- which im sure ive already said.  it's worse than UWW @ WI (WAS), so i spend a lot of time (and $$, but i need to eat, and they can rarely tell me that i can actually eat the food) at VH, a vegan restaurant. yum. i make sure to call my mom once a day to tell her i dont like the food and complain bout how hot it is.


Im almost done with the sweater, its just too bulky to carry around with me very often. Ive started the SSKA sock- its cool cables.  im starting to think that i didnt bring enough yarn w me.  and my fingers are constantly going numb (which knitting helps), and the lab leaders dont seem to comprehend (like my teachers) that thats the only way pretty much that i can keep my fingers and wrist from being very very painful.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

this is an excellent idea and ive been seeing it in a lot of blogs, so you know see it in thebar

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

im at utnif now, quite amusing. since im tired, ill leave it short.
plane ride= long long long. and i had to connect. but on the second flight the person next to was doing Xstitch so we had a discussion about fiber arts.
her= way too hot, food is aweful, rooms marginal at best.
rommmate- nice. thankgoodness. ive had some....interestingly annoying ones.
at least i have good music here.
and im in the K aff. again. woohoo. (and i didnt mean that sarcastically)
i also managed to bring TWO drawers worth of yarn/craft stuff to keep me occupied.
i might make
somethinng from here
LL. and do plz note if ur NOT a knitter or dont know about knitty (or arent 18 etc etc) that there is a reason itg has the warning atm. plz heed it if ur not feeling mature :)

wanders off to do research....right after she does some more knitting and reading, of course!

Monday, July 12, 2004

well, is with one "n" anyways...i can spell and type i swear....now if i wasnt too lazy 2 fo and change it

mahoanna, the yarn im using for the sweater.

stitch markers from paperclips neone?

Sunday, July 11, 2004

been pretty busy catching up from when i was gone for the 4th and wi. i was stuck with my family on sthe boat (o joy) for ~ 6 days. way too long for my tastes. M was there, but we are really diff now so there isnt really much to talk about, we live in such different worlds. at least there was a radio station that acrually played rock music- not nearly as good as the ones that come out of s- too many catchy tunes, but they did talk less. 90. something. radio stations seem to be hard to find as you go further north.

i seem to have bene having a LOT of political/moral disscussions with my parents about whats going on in the world. needless to say, we agree on pretty much nothing. between that and my gm calling constantly (bc shes confused cause my aunt is o of town and gm cant remember things cause of alz.). at least she hasnt set herhouse on fire yet- she needs someone to be there with her during the day while gd "works" at the office.always fun. also, along the lines of parents not understanding, my mom is finalyl gaining (more) perspecive on what i cant eat- i know she strongly disagrees cause she doesnt think that animals are equal in any way shape or form, and that they serve humyns (not in a relig context, just that we are a superior species). but she does make an effort to let me get/make what i want for food (ie organic/all natural stuff etc etc when possibnle)- which reminds me that i was FINALLY abble to find a vitamin that is vegetarian- something not easy to do cause many vitamins are dervived from animals, and many vitamins contain gelatin. now if only my dad would stop eating the yogurt i CAN eat.

my car had to be jumped/charged today- guess i havent driven it for a couple weeks and there is a leak in the power somewhere (despite changing the battery). its currently hooked up to my friends house (where ive been for awhile now playin on the puter and watching movies etc. good deal). since im leaving again in a couple days, i doubt i will have to fill my car up w gas again netime soon.


2 ponchos. yes 2. both while on the boat and the car rides.
poncho 1 is a wine color in cabana ( 4 skeins size 10 1/2 needles) in a pattern i got from ASYS. not necessarily interestning knitting, but mindless is good for when i have to hold a convo at the same time.
poncho 2 is smaller and knit in a ribbon/evelash novelty yarn. its quite amsuing looking. not furry exactly, just...funky. in a good way.

aquisition of yarn for a sweater (freeform raglan. one of the proj i plan to bring to ut w me), and a reversible bag in blue stripes, the other side is flowered, and its jsut the right size to come along with my laptop.

spinning and dying: finished a purples/lues skein, multi (leftovers) plied with beads and sequins, laceweight in purple/black (goes black>>purple>>black) that was dyed after being spun, black and green (same as before but repeats 4x), a rasberry/dessert blend, and dyed some fiber (almost the end of the columbian flece- i have to get more really really soon or find a CHEAP source of roving or etc) in a purpleyish with a hint of blue and green and burgundy.its been sitting all night (with the "ends" from prep added in to soak up the dye) so im hopeing for bright colors. stats on the yarn sometime later maybe, as they (and a scanner or camera) asre not currently present.

proj for while i am in tx: (and yes i will have internet)these all pretty much depend on how much space i have in my suitcase once im packed. and while im not going to bring a lot of clothes (by my standards) i AM bringing a LOT of food.
~sweater in a tweed yarn (white/dark blue), very soft and almost a boucle. ill prob just take my 29" circs in 10 1/2 w me.
~socks- ill bring at LEAST the dragon skin ones. i havent really made prog on them cause ive been so busy.prob some handspun and the randow/multi acrylic (i know, but its amusing) that i frogger awhile back (2 big).
~ i'd love to make some of the new stuff from knitty, especailly Lol. Legs am ong some others, but i figure that i prob do NOT want to be doing knitting that might be considered inapropriate (not the stockings, thinking more about the awesome corsets, bras, etc. damn sexy)around innocents/etc.
~another poncho...maybe a simple lace pattern, maybe similar to the cabana one. probably in a randow/white yarn i spun earlier.
~some lace- good when im not being botherd, im thinking the lillies of the valley shawl from intereave spinning spring 04. and yes, it will prob be on size 10 1/2 needles.
~also making sure to bring a couple pairs of the neeldes i make and some acrylic. otherwise ppl tend to attempt to "laearn to knit" on my other (often lace or patterened) knitting!
now if only i could bring my wheel.....that would be quite dangerous :)

Thursday, July 01, 2004

I look more like this now that i have a much nicer, shorter haircut (KA would cry- she never htught i should have cut my hair 2 yrs ago when it was 1/2 way down to my waist)- now its 5inches at the longest prt in front, according to my bro, who took a ruler to my hair.

I think i had the best latte ive ever had (i of course attribute it to being organic and well frothed!)
...and that goes for falafel too- i was at an excellent vegetarian cafe w my mom today. she actually liked the food, despsite a lack of meat, and was telling her friend on the phone ( i wasnt in oticable earshot so she wasnt jsut saying it to suck up) how much she enjoyed the food. *sighs* i wish M had cool coffee shops and cafes. we just have chain restaurants (minus a thai place ive been going to for 14 years- yes, longer than my bro is old!) we also took a trip to a yarn shop (ASYS. I got (woohoo long list- my repayment for comp wrk for my mom at RH)- some merino roving (3 ounces) a pound domestic back roving ( i see black with white dyed to jewel tones in my future!), some stuff for a scarf ( my mom got osme too- ill find the name later when im not so tired. my mom also got some cotton for another dishcloth- she can never sit still to make something big, lol), lilac lornas laces sock yarn (and it wa on sale too boot- yay!), and some reynolds (cabana?) in ine to make a poncho, from a pattern i also got. so, i could make up the pattern myself, but this is easier :) and more mindless (good for when i cant spin and want to watch tv and/or am expected to talk to ppl)

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