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Monday, June 21, 2004

...had to have been my first thought as i got off the plane and looked outside....we have the perfect trees for pinecones....we have lots of pineconess. And with that i was dragged to A to spend the wkend on the baot- ie, i did nothing but sleep, which ws good cause i seem to have picked up a cold on the plane :( But...and yes there is a great, aesome BUT to this!- i got to go to CV, which has a yarn shop (very nice lady wrking there, btw) and got this (along with a bulky spinning/jumbo attachment and a pound of merino wool in BRIGHT purple)I had a lot of *fun* putting it together- there is a reason i dont work with wood! *glares at the screws*- but its all better now. and so much better than the antique wheel i have as well.

was aesome
minus the food, conservative (neo) republicans (ok so a few of them were cool), the mosquitos, the walking....and mostly, the rules, lol.

other than that it was GREAT. they hd some good speakers and the ppl there were awesome- hopefully i will be able to stay in touch with some of them.

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