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Friday, June 25, 2004

my work from the last couple days of spinning- cept i havent spun at ALL because i've been dealing with ppl coming about the bees- funstuff. the purple luti is ~ 227 yrds, a mix of: purple ?, purple mohair (from when i got my kiwi), yellow mohair (from rh sale), blue rommey (ebay), fusia shetland (ebay, etc etc), orange east friesan. it actually has much more yellow and blue than showed up. the green/purple thick and thin is 202 yards and is a thick and thin yarn (so fun to spin)! made from cloumbia fleece. the green purple (top of photo this time) that is brrighter is also columbia fleece- there ended up being 9 diff combos of colors. i had a lot of fun blending colors here. the blue multi is 256 yards, made from lt blue rommey, dk blue space dyes rommet- same, yellow mohair, and pink cut angora (my new fav!)
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