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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Been pretty busy w the end of school. Books are so heavy to carry- and the yearbok it even heavier! gah. too many parnt ads.

I started knititng an entrelac esing for a purse from the yellows. frogged it. then a dog got ahold of the ball of yarn (no major harm done :) ) atm its the begining of an eylet sock.

I got the new spinoff mag today- i was so excited. been waiting (you know i really need to sign up for those mags- i but them neways, and it would be cheaper....that and a new wheel)

eventually i need to set up a page for the (mostly) sock patterns ive been creeating the last couple months....i think the ribbed seyelt sock pattern is written up in a semi readable format that could be decifered.

(wow does my sp really suck today)
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