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Monday, June 28, 2004

SOOOOOO tired!

which, of course would be the result of having almost no sleep. *gives b a high five cause we won at sw trivia- and i know nothing :)*i didnt have coffee this morning (or afternoon for that matter), so i spent the day in a bit of a daze, spinning, and being harassed by my cats. past the star wars party that i was at last night, ive managed to read 3 books in the last week (im falling behind! SO SAD)My knitting has been horibly neglected, and ive been plotting ways to use some grommets i picked up at the store- im thinking silk braclets that lace up.

And now, back to my spinning- its an awesome blue/purple- and it sparkles too. im amused (blame the nylon).

Friday, June 25, 2004


my work from the last couple days of spinning- cept i havent spun at ALL because i've been dealing with ppl coming about the bees- funstuff. the purple luti is ~ 227 yrds, a mix of: purple ?, purple mohair (from when i got my kiwi), yellow mohair (from rh sale), blue rommey (ebay), fusia shetland (ebay, etc etc), orange east friesan. it actually has much more yellow and blue than showed up. the green/purple thick and thin is 202 yards and is a thick and thin yarn (so fun to spin)! made from cloumbia fleece. the green purple (top of photo this time) that is brrighter is also columbia fleece- there ended up being 9 diff combos of colors. i had a lot of fun blending colors here. the blue multi is 256 yards, made from lt blue rommey, dk blue space dyes rommet- same, yellow mohair, and pink cut angora (my new fav!)

from http://illustmaker.abi-station.com/index_en.shtml.

Monday, June 21, 2004

...had to have been my first thought as i got off the plane and looked outside....we have the perfect trees for pinecones....we have lots of pineconess. And with that i was dragged to A to spend the wkend on the baot- ie, i did nothing but sleep, which ws good cause i seem to have picked up a cold on the plane :( But...and yes there is a great, aesome BUT to this!- i got to go to CV, which has a yarn shop (very nice lady wrking there, btw) and got this (along with a bulky spinning/jumbo attachment and a pound of merino wool in BRIGHT purple)I had a lot of *fun* putting it together- there is a reason i dont work with wood! *glares at the screws*- but its all better now. and so much better than the antique wheel i have as well.

was aesome
minus the food, conservative (neo) republicans (ok so a few of them were cool), the mosquitos, the walking....and mostly, the rules, lol.

other than that it was GREAT. they hd some good speakers and the ppl there were awesome- hopefully i will be able to stay in touch with some of them.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

A belnd that var. up to a red/yellow. this is less than 100 yrds, will pro be the base of the sock. It's a blend of columia flece, mohair (makes sections that have it really shiny!), etc. Im also almost done with the first sock in the yellows. its in a k2g/yo and has cables up the side.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Been pretty busy w the end of school. Books are so heavy to carry- and the yearbok it even heavier! gah. too many parnt ads.

I started knititng an entrelac esing for a purse from the yellows. frogged it. then a dog got ahold of the ball of yarn (no major harm done :) ) atm its the begining of an eylet sock.

I got the new spinoff mag today- i was so excited. been waiting (you know i really need to sign up for those mags- i but them neways, and it would be cheaper....that and a new wheel)

eventually i need to set up a page for the (mostly) sock patterns ive been creeating the last couple months....i think the ribbed seyelt sock pattern is written up in a semi readable format that could be decifered.

(wow does my sp really suck today)

Monday, June 07, 2004

This is a blend of columbia fleece in yellows, golds, and orange, a ? in scarlet and pink/magenta, mohair in bright yellow, and "sparle" inknown in red and white. This is the 2nd skein , and they will be used to make a pair of socks (entrelac maybed- the cables i was doing before are a BIT hard to see). The bias of the yarn is obvious bc its a single aand lightly blocked.

Gotta love their shirts.....too bad i highly doubt my parents will let my order one. In other "news", past attempting to finish up my essays for classes, ive been knititng socks out of a single. looks pretty nifty.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Adding the button to the 6 Sox Knit along

Fibers from RH artists festival, from a ma who used to spin. from the left: unknown sparkle fiber, rommey, (?- long lock lenght, brittle, 8+ inches in lenghth), and mohair- 7+ inch locks

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

playing around w entering images

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