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Friday, May 21, 2004

they attempted to teach me d&d today- i dont think it was very successful. fun though. even if i kept dying (i blame the dm!)

finished the knitting portion of the tank im knitting (wendy's fault nfor the inspiration- see side), now comes the sewing up part....along with all the other things i need to finish...hmm...

Ive been spinning a couple blends on a drop spindle (the wheel is making me mad- speaking of wheel ill prob order a babe wheel...and no thats NOT a ref to how hot i am :) though u know its true). I spun up a blend on viscose/wool in blues and plied it with a camo green blend of wool (that was a bit finer)- it has an awesome fx. also spun up a blend of wool/recycled silk/cat fur (about 85/10/5 %)- you get an awesome heathered look bc of the purple silk on white wool with a dash of grsy/brown from my cats (ragdolls- that got plied on itself. theres not very much of it thoug >.> cause i was just seeing if it would look cool (which it does). FInal belnd is a scarlet and viscose (v= white) blend which is shiny (maybe 20% viscose). i dont know how its going to be plied.

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