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Monday, May 24, 2004

Ive been doing more reading of blogs and spinning/carding etc than i have hw over the last week (and to think its only mon!) I dyed wool with koolaid in a rainbow fx, and some bright yellows/golds- the yellows will prob be knit ina dragon scales pattern cause it looks so dang cool!....now i just need something that USES the dragon scale pattern...and not a pair of socks....though i *did* join a knit along for socks (go look it up in yahoo groups...did i mention i was lazy as hell- and that includes me c/p links :))

As for the other colors i dyed- they might become an addition to the hippie socks im making- an awesomley funky/pomo-ish pattern that are about knee high. granted, they are crochet. and crochet hurts mids wrists, and thats bad....but they look so dang cool. Im rewriting the patterns a bit as i go, cause they would try and make me do excessive weaving in of the ends, which in unacceptable :) colors are in blues, orange, and green, maybe maore if i run out of yarn..., all singles. speaking of weaving in ends, i have that tank to finish :)

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