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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Took the CNA button off cause 1. it was being mean and 2. I dont have time (or desire) to knit blankets and send them somewhere. They are just 2 big to take with me places. I DO need to add buttons for zooalong, sixsocks, etc as well as link up to some of the rings. maybe when there's time...once im done w school proj.

wip= spinning a columbia wool/mohair/recycled silk/viscose blend on the antique spinning wheel. need to get another whell though- this one is warped and hard to use. Im thinking either a kiwi or dt fricke. working on finishing up the slipper/boots/whatever they are. I need to find/make something sturdy for the sole of the boot, and dont really want to use leather...maybe hemp, as much as i dislike working with/wearing it- i guess i could make the sole 2 layers- a hemp and yarn (on the inside) that might make it more comfortable.

GSA/GLBT meeting today. mr c was nice enough to give me come emails that can help me get in touch with next years principal, bc this group is already having a hard time being accepted- we have put up over 500 posters, and there are maybe -maybe- ten left in the entire school- those in teachers classes. we are having a hard time getting the admin to care that students are being discriminated against, the admin does nothing to stop it. we have also been directed- by another student- that it better to just talk to the district lawyer, not the principal (current one does nothing so we need to make sure the prinicipal next year is made aware of issues at the school...next year should be interesting). Might have to find funding from org other then asb to start (and if they fund the christian club and not gsa a lot of the teachers wont be very happy)...yea. im done. speaking of clubs though- would a christian club violate church and state?

Monday, May 24, 2004

Ive been doing more reading of blogs and spinning/carding etc than i have hw over the last week (and to think its only mon!) I dyed wool with koolaid in a rainbow fx, and some bright yellows/golds- the yellows will prob be knit ina dragon scales pattern cause it looks so dang cool!....now i just need something that USES the dragon scale pattern...and not a pair of socks....though i *did* join a knit along for socks (go look it up in yahoo groups...did i mention i was lazy as hell- and that includes me c/p links :))

As for the other colors i dyed- they might become an addition to the hippie socks im making- an awesomley funky/pomo-ish pattern that are about knee high. granted, they are crochet. and crochet hurts mids wrists, and thats bad....but they look so dang cool. Im rewriting the patterns a bit as i go, cause they would try and make me do excessive weaving in of the ends, which in unacceptable :) colors are in blues, orange, and green, maybe maore if i run out of yarn..., all singles. speaking of weaving in ends, i have that tank to finish :)

Friday, May 21, 2004

they attempted to teach me d&d today- i dont think it was very successful. fun though. even if i kept dying (i blame the dm!)

finished the knitting portion of the tank im knitting (wendy's fault nfor the inspiration- see side), now comes the sewing up part....along with all the other things i need to finish...hmm...

Ive been spinning a couple blends on a drop spindle (the wheel is making me mad- speaking of wheel ill prob order a babe wheel...and no thats NOT a ref to how hot i am :) though u know its true). I spun up a blend on viscose/wool in blues and plied it with a camo green blend of wool (that was a bit finer)- it has an awesome fx. also spun up a blend of wool/recycled silk/cat fur (about 85/10/5 %)- you get an awesome heathered look bc of the purple silk on white wool with a dash of grsy/brown from my cats (ragdolls- that got plied on itself. theres not very much of it thoug >.> cause i was just seeing if it would look cool (which it does). FInal belnd is a scarlet and viscose (v= white) blend which is shiny (maybe 20% viscose). i dont know how its going to be plied.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Ive been pretty busy- well, more like "busy" the last couple weeks. Finished AP tests- now just doing projects, finals, and, of course, movies! (at least i can knit during them...). Im free again. We also *finally* got a gsa at our school, and i hope the backlash from that wont be too bad.

I also managed to magically get myself a spinning wheel- an antique one from my mom's friend. It a flax wheel, semi good condition (now if only i could get that db to stay on). Ive been spinning a yummy fleece from WW (sstore near me w lots and lots of awesome yarn and fiber. Handcards are way too much fun.

art opening tonight for a family friend...

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