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Thursday, April 08, 2004

My car will be in the shop for all of spring break cause of the old guy that hit my car (while i was in it). He did over $3000 worth of damage ty my car even though you can't really tell from the outside. They were afriad to open the trunk because they didnt think it would close again. It will take them over 40 hours to fix my car. Lucky them.

I have to drive down to __ with my mom to pick up 1/4 of a cow- my moms side of the ffamily all seems to raise (organic) beef cows. Its cool though cause i get to see my grandma, whom i havent seen since Thanksgiving.

I finally did order roving off of ebay- woohoo dad actually being cool for once. i also listed some stuff up for ebat etc etc. always good. Ive been dying wool again- in bright greens mostly. And i have almost finished a pair of FI socks i have been working on.

Gor barb to start a blog :)
feels devious today*

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