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Monday, April 12, 2004

Had a splitting headache today, so i really didnt do much. My mom did, however bitch at me for losing wieght- ok mom thats nice...i dont pay attn to that to begin w and she knows it! It's spring break so i spent the day (not getting to sleep in!) getting a yoga mat- mom says i have to cause of the side fx of acc., getting a voter rgistration paper, etc etc. boring stuff. and didnt do other stuff i needed to...apathetic all the way. and i didnt get to talk to alan :(, or see him this weekend (parents forced me to go on the boat...)

In the realm of fiber- while on the boat i started knitting cleo (from knittiy)- need to find a way to line it, spun a BUNCH on singles, navajo plied some of them. THey are a pretty water/sea colors, and are laceweight b4 i ply them, dk to worsted depending on wether i 2 ply (ply 2 singles) or navajo ply them. today i dyed several small batches of roving using easter egg dye, and got (obviously) light pastel shades. pretty cool, will make a nice light color pair of socks, or gloves...hmm... :)

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