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Saturday, March 27, 2004

took the sat's today. not fun. *yawns* and i dont think i had enough coffee before i took them (only a grande nonfat late like usual)....hmm. KA made me get a diff type of coffee after the test (we were at barnes an dnoble and they have a starbucks). i havent had an iced coffee in sp long...and the flvors seem so sweet, lol. she doesnt understand how i can drink straight coffee either, lol. all i have to say: yum! and speaking of food, i got to go to Ch. for dinner- its the best thai food restaurant, has a good vegetarian menu, and i have been going there since before my bro was born, so over 12 years. their panang and peanut sauce dishes are the best.

my mom is down in wdln for the wkend, seeing her mom and dad. grandma was diagnosed w cancer awhile back. i would have likes to have gone but i had the sats sat and i have a blood draw tomorrow. I also would have liked to see A this weekend,so im sad that didnt wrk out.

Causing trouble corrupting c again....claire. browser- erase it

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