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Thursday, March 11, 2004

Today i helped KA felt a bag she is making out of Noro (the 100% wool stuff). looks pretty good. I went to the craft store to help her find beads to put on the bag. I also found a great new (and very funky) project. And KA encouraged it. that has to be a record.

So the deal is, there's all there BRIGHT sequins, right? In differnt shapes, sizes, colors, etc. Just about the right size to thread (which is turning out HARD and makes me want to kill the yarn) onto size 3 cotton thread. worried yet? You should be. Very much so. especailly when there also happens to be this nice, shiny silver yarn next to it...and i mean metallic silver. Kristn decides i need another pair of gloves. I agree ifi can use sequins in them (amusement value!) to knit into the ends...and of course the silver....she doesnt know what shes let me do :) SO there should be a VERY interesting pair of gloves being made soon.

Went to a studio that was opening (actually it was par tof a studio, a really cool place where i took some pottery throwing classes. FUnny how many people i knew there. THat and lots of coffee. coffee seems to be one of the things that makes (keeps?) me san(er).

I love how ac. makes it impossible to not have a eeeling face...makes it so ur skin is so dry..even ur lips crap abd bleed, so even talking hurts (and this is with lip stuff given to me by the dermatologist)/ Lots of fu nwhen combined with the joint/back pain. Damn modern medicine.

State debate is coming up. THat should be amsuing. U. has weird events that always happen there.

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