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Thursday, March 18, 2004

State this wkend. and (obviously) hopefully seeing A. wish me and andrew luck- and pray im not stuck ina van w mike!

I like 1/2 days. I can do my usual accomplish nothig and its ok. But i do need something to do in class now that ive finished my socks (that still, along w a nother pair, have paoined the "to be sewn" pile- next to sonnet which still needs buttons. *sigh* Im not moivated towards the end. IT tends to be more the process when it comes to crafts- and the opposite for life.

SPeaking a crafts, I have learned to spin. Yay! You have no idea how happy this makes me (almost as happy as getting to see A ;) ). Of course, my cats ATE about 1/2 of what i spun....(which was thier fur, i also spun some cotton, which they diecided didnt taste nearly as good). I think I'm going to finish my spindles that i made in art class sometime today...good way to avoid doing chores and cleaning the rat cage etc. still have to update uniq and get the thurs file for debate, but past that: blissful sleep. well i wish. lol.

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