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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Life: hopefully will get to see A this wkend. finally 1/2 way or so through acc. yay! Im in one of those " i dont think ill ever look in the miorror again" type of moods. generally not a good thing. try and avoid looking at the news as much cause it makes me mad and depressed.

Fiber: the more fun thing to write about. Ive been plying my handdyed wool and moahir with my handspun cototn (white, not fyed, often w beads literally soun onto it- pretty nifty!). still working on the socks. need to sew a whole bunch of finished pairs, and finish sweater (just the buttons...i know, still!), etc etc. I want to get wool roving cause that would be easier and faster to spin (my spindles are a bit heavy for spinning cototn)...didi i mention that my cat ate part of one o f spindles?
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