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Friday, March 12, 2004

Knititng with sequins is very painful for your hands, and they would be very scartchy against the skiin, so i would either have to line or make a folding flap for gloves...

ANyone ever heard of a BMI calc? Yea, yea, i know they are evil...cept in the opposite way for me...remind me to never tell my mom that BMI calc says im underweight. She force feeds me enough as it is. geez.

OTher random thoughts:

...does not (at least the last time i checked) mean that im..."searching for my sexuality"...I know quite well what I am, which would (obviously) be bi. Jaded simply means that I dont trust relationships/people because or past experiences. Jaded also means weary of life.

So C- if yo can't read to Paragraphs into that book....way too innocent for anything else, lol. and that boo wasnt bad either....BS was reading it! And i would add an "if u dont knwo what smd is..." but i already explaoned that! have fun being ur innocent self.

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