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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

I've spent alltogether way to much time ol recently, lol. But thats good cause it distracts me from the rest of my life. Ol (and the people associated w it) are about the only thing that keep me sane these days- well, saner then i would be. Its funny how I can't trust anyone, yet i cant stop thinking about them (you?). WHich is, of course very distracting, but in a good way :)

Classes are so boring- maybe that explains why i dont try in them anymore- well not atm. i seem so apathetic towards most parts of my life.

Hmm. i think i need to bring my knitting to school again, that seems to help with being add/adhd. But i cant bring the shawl- its too big and requires a pattern. So does the scarf (though i currently have to take a sectio out and redo it- eep!) Hmm. might require a trip to the yarn store...woohoo...now jsut to find time...and a project...

The new Knitty (also in my links) should be coming out soon. I keep thinking a spring (yay! even if it is too bright outside) and looking through patterns (on knitty and other places)....looking to make a tank ot halter top...the best one ive found (that i cant show u w o breaking copywritght laws, etc etc) is: Cleo , which was designed by IndiGirl .

Off to my class. fun stuff
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