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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

ICOme as you are/as you were/as i want you to be/..."come as you are" nirvana

*reminds herself to cont yelling at C in all caps*

ve been listening to wayyyyyyyyyyyy too much old music and spending (as usual) more time procrastinating then i have been doing hw. WHich causes problems. There just seems to be more importnat things and problems right now, though i seem to want to avoid those too.

i got supplies for the shafts of the spindles i made, and a wheel to make another. Ill have time sometime next week to put them together O.o I plan on convincing my mom that i should learn to spin- no easy feat.

Speaking of my mom. She hasn;t been in a good mood lately. Myabe cause im haivn gone of those "i think ll jsut go live with denise. yo pay my rent" type on days (well, rather, weeks). WHich makes sense then (obviously) why i wouldnt tell my parents about A. THey are way to obsessed with trying to keep me "safe". They dont trust me (im not sure why- though i do go by a "dont ask dont tell"- what they dont know cant hurt them :) )

I keep going from these extrmely happy (glowing) moods to the (usual) deep sadness. ITs weird. another fx of acc. that and the fac tthat i havent slept (well) bc of the pain cause of acc doesnt help my moods.

misisng u A.
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