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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Life: hopefully will get to see A this wkend. finally 1/2 way or so through acc. yay! Im in one of those " i dont think ill ever look in the miorror again" type of moods. generally not a good thing. try and avoid looking at the news as much cause it makes me mad and depressed.

Fiber: the more fun thing to write about. Ive been plying my handdyed wool and moahir with my handspun cototn (white, not fyed, often w beads literally soun onto it- pretty nifty!). still working on the socks. need to sew a whole bunch of finished pairs, and finish sweater (just the buttons...i know, still!), etc etc. I want to get wool roving cause that would be easier and faster to spin (my spindles are a bit heavy for spinning cototn)...didi i mention that my cat ate part of one o f spindles?

Saturday, March 27, 2004

as for fiber arts- been spinning a thin (think laceweight) cotton thread. also, a beadedc otton that is plied to some of the yarn white yarn i dyed earlier. i think itll look pretyt cool when its done. ALso attacked the cats with a brush. the dypot now contains spun cat hair, mohair fluffy yarn, and the beaded skein. Dying them a blue/green color, with more green on the top. They are wound and tied tighly enough (and packe din)so there should be some spots with lighter color.
took the sat's today. not fun. *yawns* and i dont think i had enough coffee before i took them (only a grande nonfat late like usual)....hmm. KA made me get a diff type of coffee after the test (we were at barnes an dnoble and they have a starbucks). i havent had an iced coffee in sp long...and the flvors seem so sweet, lol. she doesnt understand how i can drink straight coffee either, lol. all i have to say: yum! and speaking of food, i got to go to Ch. for dinner- its the best thai food restaurant, has a good vegetarian menu, and i have been going there since before my bro was born, so over 12 years. their panang and peanut sauce dishes are the best.

my mom is down in wdln for the wkend, seeing her mom and dad. grandma was diagnosed w cancer awhile back. i would have likes to have gone but i had the sats sat and i have a blood draw tomorrow. I also would have liked to see A this weekend,so im sad that didnt wrk out.

Causing trouble corrupting c again....claire. browser- erase it

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Added the critters knitathon to my links over >> thats my next project once i finish the socks im knitting from some yarn i han dyed a couple days ago. the things i do to avoid homework.

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Ive given up on spelling and typing for today.

For English. Supposed to be humerous by copying an author's style. Sort of worked.

Debate is just another one of those sports of today’s youth. You start with a folder, notebook paper, and cards, no doubt stapled, and maybe, if you are really on top of it as a novice debater, a box, you know, one of those small ones with a flip-top lid, where the hinges will inevitably break within the first or second tourney. You think you are all that. Until you get to your first round where you find out the tournament has collapsed all the levels because they don’t have enough teams. You get there first, put your box on the table, and sit and wait, staring at the judge. Then they come, pushing a cart stacked four high with tubs-not boxes mind you, but tubs. They kick off their shoes, pull out their egg times, and lift their boxes down from the cart. You can tell by the force they exert that each tub must weigh over 50 pounds, and they land with a thud next to the chairs the other team now inhabits. They pull myriads of expands out of their fist two boxes, and stack them to make a podium that hits them right below the chest. You can’t even see over it, and for your speech they have to lift one of the tubs down for you. You pull out your notes on how to debate, just like the coach asked you to do. You ask the judge for their paradigm, pronouncing it para-dig-em, and the other team laughs and asks the judge questions like, “What is your threshold on T?” and, “What do you evaluate in round first?”. They set their timers and start speaking, hitting the timer with a sharp “whap!” to start it. Their words come out faster the a rap star’s, and before you know it they have tossed the first page aside and continued onto the next. You scramble to try and write out the tags, writing longhand across the page. The timer beeps with a screech, signaling the end of their speech and the beginning of CX. You rise to ask some questions and spend the majority of the time staring off into space as they explain their answers, referencing cards and empirical examples. The debate continues from there and in the end they stand up, shake hands with you, and congratulate you on a good debate round.

I knit a hat- and crochetedone too. yay.

I got to spend a lot of time w A this wkend. ( i love the ring). (state debate). too bad we didnt place at state. o well *shrugs* im realyl apathetic today. yet not.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

State this wkend. and (obviously) hopefully seeing A. wish me and andrew luck- and pray im not stuck ina van w mike!

I like 1/2 days. I can do my usual accomplish nothig and its ok. But i do need something to do in class now that ive finished my socks (that still, along w a nother pair, have paoined the "to be sewn" pile- next to sonnet which still needs buttons. *sigh* Im not moivated towards the end. IT tends to be more the process when it comes to crafts- and the opposite for life.

SPeaking a crafts, I have learned to spin. Yay! You have no idea how happy this makes me (almost as happy as getting to see A ;) ). Of course, my cats ATE about 1/2 of what i spun....(which was thier fur, i also spun some cotton, which they diecided didnt taste nearly as good). I think I'm going to finish my spindles that i made in art class sometime today...good way to avoid doing chores and cleaning the rat cage etc. still have to update uniq and get the thurs file for debate, but past that: blissful sleep. well i wish. lol.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Current knititng project during school: a pair of socks from the silver and black crochet thread that i was going to use with the sequins. the sequins just hurt too much.
ICOme as you are/as you were/as i want you to be/..."come as you are" nirvana

*reminds herself to cont yelling at C in all caps*

ve been listening to wayyyyyyyyyyyy too much old music and spending (as usual) more time procrastinating then i have been doing hw. WHich causes problems. There just seems to be more importnat things and problems right now, though i seem to want to avoid those too.

i got supplies for the shafts of the spindles i made, and a wheel to make another. Ill have time sometime next week to put them together O.o I plan on convincing my mom that i should learn to spin- no easy feat.

Speaking of my mom. She hasn;t been in a good mood lately. Myabe cause im haivn gone of those "i think ll jsut go live with denise. yo pay my rent" type on days (well, rather, weeks). WHich makes sense then (obviously) why i wouldnt tell my parents about A. THey are way to obsessed with trying to keep me "safe". They dont trust me (im not sure why- though i do go by a "dont ask dont tell"- what they dont know cant hurt them :) )

I keep going from these extrmely happy (glowing) moods to the (usual) deep sadness. ITs weird. another fx of acc. that and the fac tthat i havent slept (well) bc of the pain cause of acc doesnt help my moods.

misisng u A.

Friday, March 12, 2004

Knititng with sequins is very painful for your hands, and they would be very scartchy against the skiin, so i would either have to line or make a folding flap for gloves...

ANyone ever heard of a BMI calc? Yea, yea, i know they are evil...cept in the opposite way for me...remind me to never tell my mom that BMI calc says im underweight. She force feeds me enough as it is. geez.

OTher random thoughts:

...does not (at least the last time i checked) mean that im..."searching for my sexuality"...I know quite well what I am, which would (obviously) be bi. Jaded simply means that I dont trust relationships/people because or past experiences. Jaded also means weary of life.

So C- if yo can't read to Paragraphs into that book....way too innocent for anything else, lol. and that boo wasnt bad either....BS was reading it! And i would add an "if u dont knwo what smd is..." but i already explaoned that! have fun being ur innocent self.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

So- lookng at designs.

One of my current favs , and of course cleo. hmm.

Today i helped KA felt a bag she is making out of Noro (the 100% wool stuff). looks pretty good. I went to the craft store to help her find beads to put on the bag. I also found a great new (and very funky) project. And KA encouraged it. that has to be a record.

So the deal is, there's all there BRIGHT sequins, right? In differnt shapes, sizes, colors, etc. Just about the right size to thread (which is turning out HARD and makes me want to kill the yarn) onto size 3 cotton thread. worried yet? You should be. Very much so. especailly when there also happens to be this nice, shiny silver yarn next to it...and i mean metallic silver. Kristn decides i need another pair of gloves. I agree ifi can use sequins in them (amusement value!) to knit into the ends...and of course the silver....she doesnt know what shes let me do :) SO there should be a VERY interesting pair of gloves being made soon.

Went to a studio that was opening (actually it was par tof a studio, a really cool place where i took some pottery throwing classes. FUnny how many people i knew there. THat and lots of coffee. coffee seems to be one of the things that makes (keeps?) me san(er).

I love how ac. makes it impossible to not have a eeeling face...makes it so ur skin is so dry..even ur lips crap abd bleed, so even talking hurts (and this is with lip stuff given to me by the dermatologist)/ Lots of fu nwhen combined with the joint/back pain. Damn modern medicine.

State debate is coming up. THat should be amsuing. U. has weird events that always happen there.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

I've spent alltogether way to much time ol recently, lol. But thats good cause it distracts me from the rest of my life. Ol (and the people associated w it) are about the only thing that keep me sane these days- well, saner then i would be. Its funny how I can't trust anyone, yet i cant stop thinking about them (you?). WHich is, of course very distracting, but in a good way :)

Classes are so boring- maybe that explains why i dont try in them anymore- well not atm. i seem so apathetic towards most parts of my life.

Hmm. i think i need to bring my knitting to school again, that seems to help with being add/adhd. But i cant bring the shawl- its too big and requires a pattern. So does the scarf (though i currently have to take a sectio out and redo it- eep!) Hmm. might require a trip to the yarn store...woohoo...now jsut to find time...and a project...

The new Knitty (also in my links) should be coming out soon. I keep thinking a spring (yay! even if it is too bright outside) and looking through patterns (on knitty and other places)....looking to make a tank ot halter top...the best one ive found (that i cant show u w o breaking copywritght laws, etc etc) is: Cleo , which was designed by IndiGirl .

Off to my class. fun stuff

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

SOme people make my head spin in confusion....others with happiness (which is a pretty rare feeling right now :) )....and then theres just the I want to learn how to spin aspect of it :)

Been gone and busy a lot. I had way to much fun with my english project that i just turned in, but past that have been pretty apathetic toward accomplishing much of anything during classes (or out of them for that matter).
I havent had time to do anything cause of my sat class, which is horribly boring and mundane.

Monday, March 01, 2004

I've been gone in Florida. Woo Hoo. It was really realyl boring. Then I didn't have internet. Now i have an SAT prep course (ughh............makes me want to DIE)a nd debate- debate of course being the only worthwhile thing!

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