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Monday, February 09, 2004

I finished my sweater...well all but sewing the seams and buttons...I don't know if the cleeves will be long enough though....hmm. might call from creative blocking...and/or edging. I also finished weaving in the ends of the fairisle hat i knit awhile back (from a design i made up...looks pretty good, really needs to be blocked).

I need to find another project, either knit or crochet, preferably one that can come on a plane with me cause i'm going to FL over midwinter break with my family. I would love to make a poncho/shawl type thing, but can't realistically carry that with me, and I really don't want to make ANOTHER pair of socks, having made 2 in the last couple weeks. I would like to do something fairisle, but don't want to do a sweater and don't like many of the "traditional" type designs...hmm...maybe I'll have to make a pattern...that could be dangerous :). THough lace would be amusing to do too...I also want to learn how to spin (on a drop spindle) but there's no way i can get the fiber or spindle in time for my trip- much less carry it on a plane, it would make too much of a mess.

Debate was amsuing, I got to wear a fedora hat ;) which amuse dme to no end, lol. After debate I went to dinner with AShley and Denise.I liked the more laid back atmosphere of deabte this tournament, not the pent up stress there will be in a couple weeks (you know what I mean...its where everyone gets sick afterwards or is a bitch Sat. night). The only bad part of the tournament was the ever present point of contention that we will not get into for the sake that I knot ppl who read this disagree with how i act towards individuals who offend me.

I had another blood draw toady- not good considering the fact that I am terified of needles :) though this one wasn't as bad as last time- but it still will be bruised by tomorrow, drawing two vials of blood does that. The song "A Thing Called Love" is very very very stuck in my head cause i just watched the video while i was sewing the shoulder seams of my sweater (Sonnet)- the only part I did bother to sew so far.
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