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Friday, February 06, 2004

Debate tournament today-yay. And it's at our school, too so we don't have to drive forever to get somewhere (or get up as early). The weather is crazy, raining, hail, random temp changes, and now its sunny for a couple min, only a few clouds in the sky. Certainly living up to experctations i suppose.

I finished my second sock to day in art class...now i just have to weave in the ends. I also made a vest for my rat Cuzco, which is amusing- he will acutally wear clothes/vests/etc with no problems as long as it fits snugly and doesn't drag.

I'm almost done with Sonnet, and I am trying to find another project- I'm thinking fairisle, or lace. Both of which I've only done several times before- as hats, etc.

*wish me luck at the debate tournament* we are running ban water as an ironic case.
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