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Thursday, February 12, 2004

I started my lace shawl today and am almost an inch into it. Other then that, nothing interesting happened today that I am willing to talk about.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Cool stuff today (past almost dying becuase I was watching so many movies today during class!):

I created a blog for english . Not like my elgish teacher doesn't expect weird things from me....

I am d/l Savage Eden (now isn't that ironic?). It looks like a game similar to Helbreath, the best game ever (but is now p2p and i dont have the time to justify p2p).

I finally decided what i was going to make. You can see a picture of it here , and it also has a link to the pattern in pdf. I am using Heirloom yarn on size 4 neeldes, and i hope 7 skeins will be enough.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

WooHoo! finished sonner- past sewing on the buttons. I'm doing a mulitdirection scarf and lloking for a lace pattern- I'll post the links later. My internet keeps going out cause we are changing providers cause the internet (dsl) always always always dies!

Monday, February 09, 2004

I'm finished sewing the sweater together. Now i just need to edge, seew buttons, lenghthen sleeves, etc. I also needs to find another project. I was at the crafts storess today and nothing really inspired me. There was cool yarn (when is there NOT?), but I really dont want to randmoly get yarn if im not going to know what to do with it.
I finished my sweater...well all but sewing the seams and buttons...I don't know if the cleeves will be long enough though....hmm. might call from creative blocking...and/or edging. I also finished weaving in the ends of the fairisle hat i knit awhile back (from a design i made up...looks pretty good, really needs to be blocked).

I need to find another project, either knit or crochet, preferably one that can come on a plane with me cause i'm going to FL over midwinter break with my family. I would love to make a poncho/shawl type thing, but can't realistically carry that with me, and I really don't want to make ANOTHER pair of socks, having made 2 in the last couple weeks. I would like to do something fairisle, but don't want to do a sweater and don't like many of the "traditional" type designs...hmm...maybe I'll have to make a pattern...that could be dangerous :). THough lace would be amusing to do too...I also want to learn how to spin (on a drop spindle) but there's no way i can get the fiber or spindle in time for my trip- much less carry it on a plane, it would make too much of a mess.

Debate was amsuing, I got to wear a fedora hat ;) which amuse dme to no end, lol. After debate I went to dinner with AShley and Denise.I liked the more laid back atmosphere of deabte this tournament, not the pent up stress there will be in a couple weeks (you know what I mean...its where everyone gets sick afterwards or is a bitch Sat. night). The only bad part of the tournament was the ever present point of contention that we will not get into for the sake that I knot ppl who read this disagree with how i act towards individuals who offend me.

I had another blood draw toady- not good considering the fact that I am terified of needles :) though this one wasn't as bad as last time- but it still will be bruised by tomorrow, drawing two vials of blood does that. The song "A Thing Called Love" is very very very stuck in my head cause i just watched the video while i was sewing the shoulder seams of my sweater (Sonnet)- the only part I did bother to sew so far.

Friday, February 06, 2004

Debate tournament today-yay. And it's at our school, too so we don't have to drive forever to get somewhere (or get up as early). The weather is crazy, raining, hail, random temp changes, and now its sunny for a couple min, only a few clouds in the sky. Certainly living up to experctations i suppose.

I finished my second sock to day in art class...now i just have to weave in the ends. I also made a vest for my rat Cuzco, which is amusing- he will acutally wear clothes/vests/etc with no problems as long as it fits snugly and doesn't drag.

I'm almost done with Sonnet, and I am trying to find another project- I'm thinking fairisle, or lace. Both of which I've only done several times before- as hats, etc.

*wish me luck at the debate tournament* we are running ban water as an ironic case.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

I finished the first sleeve and am about 1/3 of the way through the other- i guess i had a lot of time today during my classes! Other then that, the day way very uninteresting.

Monday, February 02, 2004

I got about an inch done on the sleeve of sonnet (yea yea im going slow, gb calls my name, and what can i do but answer its call?). I also finished the majority of the cuff for the sock (#1) that i've been working on for a couple days now. Socks are amusing to knit during classes. I also helped a friend finish his first scarf, and now he's excited to learn more stitches.

Psych class is amusing. THey should know better then to let me talk in that class.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

I have another 1/2 of a sock done. the toe, eglar part of the foot, and a portion of the ankle are done. Its going to be an afterthought heel, so i don't have to turn the heel during class. I played GB a lot yesterday- guess i had more time then usual. i wanter to lvl up but im about 30 gp away from that, so we'll see. I really need to NOT play that game when im tired though. you really need to have hand eye coordiination to do well. Going to first SUnday today w/ Kristen, so that will be interesting- Im actually kinda apprehensive about going.

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