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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

no knititng today. gone. again. no time even to play gb. still looking into spinning. dont mind the lack of caps and random punctuation.
SOOOOOO tired. and very unamused. unless you count dogs. or rats. then again, my kids are rats, so no surprise there.
SPeaking of which, i got to see my humyn child today, which was very interesting. People in the comp area we were at looked at us funny, minds clicking. :) God i love corrupting innocent souls.

THough, for those ppl who know me irl and were in the hall w/ me in debate....are you forever blinded by M's comments....im soooo scarred by him. I mean, i could care less what pp do in their time, but they dont need to tell me about it! especially when we are discussing a case for debate that isn't, shall we say, appropriate for those under 17 :) though the posters were amusing... especially the kitten one *grins evily*

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