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Thursday, January 29, 2004

listening to GooGoo Dolls :)
i feel really detached from the world and myself. i realized this while i was staring at the wall in 6th period (psych), already bored and pissed off at the class for being close minded. silly high schoolers need a dose of reality- or maybe i do. i thin kthe detachment is more of a saftey mechanism- a way to escape the world i dont like- kinda like how i distance myself sometimes from guys bc im afraid to trust them.

I finished ~ 7 inches on my sweater's sleeve while I was over at KA's yesterday. I was going to go to her classs w her but the class was cancelled.

My mom has been a bitch latley. Really not helpful when im already not in a good mood half the time and in one of those "the world can fucking go to hell...as long as i dont have to see it when i go there" type moods. and it doesn't help that my grandma is getting chemo again- a temporary solution- and that eveyone in my immediate family, including me, know way too much about the fx of cancer and radiation.
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