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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

I've been trying to explain to KA how to knit socks. And not very successsfully. The pattern she is using has some major typing errors (no i didnt type it, and yes I'm aware i can't type). She's using a very cool self patterning sock yarn in blues (her fav color) so at least it keeps her amused. We'll see if she finishes it. I'm on the second shoulder for Sonnet and have spending way too much time on homework- the stuff that wastes time that i could do in class- like history and chemistry. At least with chemistry me and Kristen go and get coffee (yea yea, supporting the coffee industry , my bad) and watch a movie at the same time. I've been so ADD/ADHD lately that I can't sit still and concentrate on what is supposed to matter, my mind is always elsewhere, playing over conversations, game, crafts, hallucinations, etc. The conversations are the worst though. They are the ones that are the mind scarring with novice debaters...
...i swear, the next time one of them asks me what we are drawing on a paper or what i am talking about...at least the usual bothersome one wasn't at lunch. THough a freshman repeatedly asked me to go sit at his table...i dont think they got the hint i wasn't interested and was more amused by my friends at MY table. The episode at the end of lunch involving JP and RK was especially amusing bc JP is on crutches (broke his ankle and sprained the other) and R was putitng random shit in front of him (garbage cans, charis, etc). It ended up J chasing R down the hall, and J almost winning until R cheated by atanding in a raised flower bed where J couldnt reach w the crutches.
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