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Sunday, January 18, 2004

Debate this weekend @ FW we went 4-2. People kept asking me why I wasn't runnng ecofem this time. IEs were boring as usual, and the extemp prep guy couldn't for the life of him figure out why i was prpeping for my speach in my head (translate as: i did prep, dont't care enough to write it down, prefer my knitting, and i speak to fast neways). Its kinda depressing in debate when they know we will make abig deal out of gendered language, yet they use it anyways, even after we kritik them on it.

I helped my friend turn the heel of her sock (not that hard, i swear), finished my blue ones, and started on some in shades of red with stripes. I also reminded my friend how to kniw and purl and helped her to cast of for a scarf.

We have 2 debate vans. I was stuck in the one with the annoying novice who can;t shut up :( . my friend D was in the other van. When we got to FW she told me that their van had narrowly missed hitting a corpse on the highway, and that the car behind them had hit it. SOmeone had jumped off the bridge to commit suicide (the bridge however isn't high enough for someone to die on imact..), where they then got hit (before my friend was there) by at least one other car.
Its sad that someone had to commit suicide by jumping off the bridge. There are MUCH better ways (yes suicide is fine....but....) that won't traumatize others (drivers of cars that hit them).
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