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Saturday, January 03, 2004

Come knit Sonnet with me. And don't forget to check out my awesome program. Hey, I was amused by it :) weird things get created late at night.

WIP: Hat- ends need to be woven in, Scarf- same. 3/4 or so done with an awesome pair of gloves made from Sokkatta in a pretty var. blues. The yarn is the blues and has white wrapped around it. Weaving in the ends will be painful. (sp?).

Everyone should check out Free Words . It is a totally awesome sight (cringe at the word awesome, I know, sorry! Geez! It's late at night! YOu're lucky i can type!)

In other news, even though i havent done ANY of my homework or debate, I did manage to get my rat elephante (yea that is the correct sp....en espanol) in the cage with my other three.

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