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Thursday, January 29, 2004

listening to GooGoo Dolls :)
i feel really detached from the world and myself. i realized this while i was staring at the wall in 6th period (psych), already bored and pissed off at the class for being close minded. silly high schoolers need a dose of reality- or maybe i do. i thin kthe detachment is more of a saftey mechanism- a way to escape the world i dont like- kinda like how i distance myself sometimes from guys bc im afraid to trust them.

I finished ~ 7 inches on my sweater's sleeve while I was over at KA's yesterday. I was going to go to her classs w her but the class was cancelled.

My mom has been a bitch latley. Really not helpful when im already not in a good mood half the time and in one of those "the world can fucking go to hell...as long as i dont have to see it when i go there" type moods. and it doesn't help that my grandma is getting chemo again- a temporary solution- and that eveyone in my immediate family, including me, know way too much about the fx of cancer and radiation.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

no knititng today. gone. again. no time even to play gb. still looking into spinning. dont mind the lack of caps and random punctuation.
SOOOOOO tired. and very unamused. unless you count dogs. or rats. then again, my kids are rats, so no surprise there.
SPeaking of which, i got to see my humyn child today, which was very interesting. People in the comp area we were at looked at us funny, minds clicking. :) God i love corrupting innocent souls.

THough, for those ppl who know me irl and were in the hall w/ me in debate....are you forever blinded by M's comments....im soooo scarred by him. I mean, i could care less what pp do in their time, but they dont need to tell me about it! especially when we are discussing a case for debate that isn't, shall we say, appropriate for those under 17 :) though the posters were amusing... especially the kitten one *grins evily*

Sunday, January 25, 2004

I finished SOnnet's body. Now i just have to do the sleeves, though I think I'll have to make them narrower, just as i had to adjust the body width so it wouldn't be baggy! The body was done in moss and box stitch. I think I will do the sleeves in just moss stitch though. The body looks like a corset (and low/tight enough too :) ) cause it's pinned together on the shoulders and up the front. I think the main body pattern could be adapted nicely to make a tank with some more shaping to make it not quite so boxy.
I had a blood draw today- not fun.
Kristen and I went to Starbucks drivethrough today and pretended to be deaf. It was an assignment for her ASL class. THey thought we were really weird for not talking :). I also got the uber coolest knitting needles from kirsten- some i've been looking for for awhile- size 50! They're about an inch and a half across. I'm so amused. Now I just have to figure out what to make with them...well, past scarves of course.
finished the socks i was knitting today (well actually yesterady as its now midnight)- impromptu rounds are good for that sort of thing!
we went 3:3 at wwu, hit some good teams. I was soooo tired the entire time i had an aweful time trying to keep everything coherent in my head.
Still getting nowhere on SOnnet. i can't take it with me so i can only work on it at home, and i havent been at home recently.
Life is way too complicated and confusing atm. Everything is happening at once in my life and i don't know where to focus. The whole seeing things bedore they happen doesn't really seem to help (no im not carzy i swear...)

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

strip gb is always amusing (if you dont know what im talking about dont ask- its a computer game ol not irl))- cept we kept losing! it was cold too dammit!
helped a person in my history class finish a scarf they made for their mom on size 13 needles- they learned to knit on size 3's cause it was what was on hand, so it was a huge releif for them to get somewhere fast with the 13's.
I've had WAY to many convos about innocence in the last week...reminds me of some bad memories....but whatever. im dead tired and can't even think straight- havent beeen able to the last couple days, which made my tests very fun to take (and get back- eek).

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Debate this weekend @ FW we went 4-2. People kept asking me why I wasn't runnng ecofem this time. IEs were boring as usual, and the extemp prep guy couldn't for the life of him figure out why i was prpeping for my speach in my head (translate as: i did prep, dont't care enough to write it down, prefer my knitting, and i speak to fast neways). Its kinda depressing in debate when they know we will make abig deal out of gendered language, yet they use it anyways, even after we kritik them on it.

I helped my friend turn the heel of her sock (not that hard, i swear), finished my blue ones, and started on some in shades of red with stripes. I also reminded my friend how to kniw and purl and helped her to cast of for a scarf.

We have 2 debate vans. I was stuck in the one with the annoying novice who can;t shut up :( . my friend D was in the other van. When we got to FW she told me that their van had narrowly missed hitting a corpse on the highway, and that the car behind them had hit it. SOmeone had jumped off the bridge to commit suicide (the bridge however isn't high enough for someone to die on imact..), where they then got hit (before my friend was there) by at least one other car.
Its sad that someone had to commit suicide by jumping off the bridge. There are MUCH better ways (yes suicide is fine....but....) that won't traumatize others (drivers of cars that hit them).

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

knitters are in a world of their own. i swear. for example, we have really weird acronyms that sound, well...odd to others....for example:

If I say:
DM took me to the LYS for SEX and i worked on my WIP in the car.

It means:
My Darling Mother took me to the local yarn store for a stach enrichment expidition (buying more yarn) and i worked on my work in progress in the car.

*inspired by Stitch and Bitch*
I've been trying to explain to KA how to knit socks. And not very successsfully. The pattern she is using has some major typing errors (no i didnt type it, and yes I'm aware i can't type). She's using a very cool self patterning sock yarn in blues (her fav color) so at least it keeps her amused. We'll see if she finishes it. I'm on the second shoulder for Sonnet and have spending way too much time on homework- the stuff that wastes time that i could do in class- like history and chemistry. At least with chemistry me and Kristen go and get coffee (yea yea, supporting the coffee industry , my bad) and watch a movie at the same time. I've been so ADD/ADHD lately that I can't sit still and concentrate on what is supposed to matter, my mind is always elsewhere, playing over conversations, game, crafts, hallucinations, etc. The conversations are the worst though. They are the ones that are the mind scarring with novice debaters...
...i swear, the next time one of them asks me what we are drawing on a paper or what i am talking about...at least the usual bothersome one wasn't at lunch. THough a freshman repeatedly asked me to go sit at his table...i dont think they got the hint i wasn't interested and was more amused by my friends at MY table. The episode at the end of lunch involving JP and RK was especially amusing bc JP is on crutches (broke his ankle and sprained the other) and R was putitng random shit in front of him (garbage cans, charis, etc). It ended up J chasing R down the hall, and J almost winning until R cheated by atanding in a raised flower bed where J couldnt reach w the crutches.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

in the knitting world i am almost finished with a pair of socks that i have been working on. I'm no further on Sonnet, it was to big to take with me for debate.

In debate I went 3:3 in policy, which is pretty good, and when i get around to it i'll add in a couple of stories that amused me greatly. in the meantime, settle for this article from bbc about lust which fits quite nicely with Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter

Thursday, January 08, 2004

CHeck out the Cost of War on the frame above the blog. Isn't that awesome? I'm amused.
Also, I am half way done with the body of Sonnet- yay! And i also finshed one of my socks- its kinda short, but thats ok since its meant to fit under my boots and not peak over the top.
:) I don't have to go to school tomorrow, though i do have to be there at 6:30 for debate, so that should be interesting. (Though it does mean coffee...yay)

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

I decided to do Sonnet, though i suppose i really don't have time :) but I need another thing to procrastinate with. I'm done with the first front and the armhole. I don't think I got enough of the yarn though, so I'll have to go and get more.

We had a Snow DAY today, so i got to sleep in. I finished my chainmail for art class too on Sunday, and am thinking it would be a good peice for the front of a bag.

Saturday, January 03, 2004

Come knit Sonnet with me. And don't forget to check out my awesome program. Hey, I was amused by it :) weird things get created late at night.

WIP: Hat- ends need to be woven in, Scarf- same. 3/4 or so done with an awesome pair of gloves made from Sokkatta in a pretty var. blues. The yarn is the blues and has white wrapped around it. Weaving in the ends will be painful. (sp?).

Everyone should check out Free Words . It is a totally awesome sight (cringe at the word awesome, I know, sorry! Geez! It's late at night! YOu're lucky i can type!)

In other news, even though i havent done ANY of my homework or debate, I did manage to get my rat elephante (yea that is the correct sp....en espanol) in the cage with my other three.

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