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Monday, December 22, 2003

Wrapping presents for my family- and having way too much fun decorating them :) I finished Coronet today (well, at three in the morning). It is a bit too short if i fold the cuff over, but ahh well. It works. I'm also making a pair of gloves to go with my mom's funky scarf (see Interweave Knits- thats where this random thought came from).
I got a leash for Cuzco today (one of my kids- a rat). It would actually fit all four of them (well 5 if you count my friend's rat who is over while my friend is in Thailand), but Cuzco is the only one who I think would actually be ok with wearing a leash (hey, my cats do- well, one of them does). I've been playing more GB (GunBound), an online game, more then i have been knitting because I am at a loss for what to knit.
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