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Friday, December 19, 2003

so i finished all of the scarves, my debate partners gloves, and managed to wrap everything in a somewhat neat manner (cheifly consisting of wrapping the scarves in a tight cylinder, putting tissues paper around it, and tying ribbons on the end so that is looks like a big peice of candy. I also finished knitting a dishcloth for my mom. Now to find some more interesting patterns...

I got the coolest project from my friend. her mom sews so my friend made me a "rag" style quilt. It looks a little like this rag quilt , but each square has a different month on it. I gave her an eyelash (held with a strand of black) scarf knit in moss stitch knit on size 17 needles.
Only six more days till Christmas. I wish it would hurry up and get over with- i feel like i have to knit things for people now, and that just doesn't make knitting fun. I think it would be amusing to enter Marilyn's contest- wonder if i could find some acylic that's ugly enough.

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