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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

I was stuck up North on out boat for the past couple days, which resulted in me reading four books and knitting a fairisle hat. The town we were at had a yarn store, one of my favorites, so I was able to get some yarn for gloves and another scarf (Noro Silk GArden). I think i will go teach my friend how to crochet this week so she can make hats, shes always cold. But that will have to be after I finish all my homework and debate stuff (importnat so i have a case to debate!). We saw my grandparents on Christmas Day, and grandma is vey forgetful (Alzh), and grandpa isn't much better. Grandma kept asking me if i was married becuase i wear a silver band on my left ring finger (which incidentally has no meaning, unlike my rainbow ring :) ). THe silver ring is awesome for no reason other then i got it from a hippy when i was down in texas over the summer- in Austin, which is the only good place in tx imo.
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