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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Blogs seem like a good way to keep track of what's going on, so, without further ado:

Christmas/Holdiay Projects that are (finally) finished:

scarves- knit or crochet 10+ for friends/family. my friends' scarves are made out of acrylic (uggh!), but they can't, for the most part, take care of nice yarns. I had my mom pick out her scarf, and its an eyelash and another special yarn- i have to think what brands. It turned out well, funky yet sophisticated. I'm sick of knitting with acrylic yarn- especially to make scarves!

Hats- I crocheted over 20 of these during the summer for chemo caps, so I really didn't want to make more....but people wanted hats, and what can i do? Not like they take more then a couple hours anyways...

Gloves- one pair for myself (they turned out a little tighter then what most peoplee can wear- i guess i shouldnt adjust them to fit me cause i have really small wrists.

Other- hammocks- i crochet or knit these for friends with rats, and use them in my own cage too. I made several the other day at shool for a friend, but i dont know when i'll see her before christmas. And socks, though those weren't really a gift...unless you count for myself. I AM rather proud of my socks, though...they are made from embroidery floss- i used to make friendship bracelets, and so this is what happens when i get bored. The socks are in a rainbow design, one sock goes from red down and the other purple up :)

Still in the works

-A scarf for my aunt- it's half way done, and is a pale (ice) blue with eyelash and flag type yarns.
-dishclothes- my mom admires these everytime we are in stores, so i figured, what the heck? might as well make some- now just to find some patterns that won't bore me.
- gloves for my debate partner so he doesn't keep stealing mine!
- ornaments- i always try and make a couple ornaments for my mom (maybe this year they will be from my cats/rats) because she is so hard to buy gifts for.
- candle holders- again, for my mom....just have to find the time.

So now you might be wondering...

....who exactly I am. well, i'll tell you (now doesnt that sound like Monty Python and the Holy Grail?). I am female and was born in '86, though if you or a website asks, i'll tell you '80. I've been knitting and crocheting since i was 5 or 6 (you do the math) an can also weave, tat, bead, etc. I knit in what is called the european form (though its called something else too), and cannot for the life of me figure out how people "wrap and throw/toss" or whatever. Ive taught over 40 people how to knit- includng a guy today in my history class, who brought yarn and needles today so he could start his own project- before he had just been knitting on the random projects i carry around at school. He even managed to learn how to purl.
Pat fiber arts now...I debate for my highschool team in an event called policy debate. the current resolution is on Ocean policy. I am considered to be one of-if not the most liberal people at my school. I am (or consider my self to be) something of a feminist, postmodernist, and align myself politically/economically along the lines of socialism and anarchy/anarchism- socailism works, but anarchy is better if it wouldn't lead to totalitarian rule- i'll explain the continuum later. I gender edit what i write. That means i spell "wome/an" womyn and "hume/an" humyn, etc. I do this because I feel that it helps seperate me from the patriarchal society. I will also flame people for using homophobic language, which happens quite a bit between highschool and games online (Gunbound cheifly). I do the same for sexist, racist, agist, speciest, etc remarks. I consider myself to be bisexual, as i think all other humyns and (most) animals are. I am in no way religious and am somewhere between agnostic and atheist. I can't spell, and when possible i abreviate words. I eat very little meat (pollo vegitarian). I consider animals to be equal to humyns. In school, I take as many AP (college level, or advanced placment) classes as they will let me take. I knit during class. If i could, i would bring my laptop with me to school. I hate computer classes- i can learn that stuff online, but i've taken most of the ones offered at this school.

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